Common Questions

We strive to make it really easy to run employment verifications and background checks. Following are some of the most common questions we get about the Amazly services.

How much does it cost to run an employment verification or background check?

This depends on the type of verification you choose. An employment verification for 1 job is only $14.99 and more advanced checks which includes a full national and criminal background check costs $49.99. See our different background check options and price list from here

How do I run an employment verification or background check?

Simply choose the type of check you want to purchase and enter some basic information about the person you want to run the check on or have an email sent to the person you want to run the check on so they can fill out the information themselves. You will be alerted by email when the check is complete and the detailed report will be available in your members dashboard.

How long does it take for employment verifications and background checks to complete?

Our more basic background checks generally come back in less than 1 day. More advanced checks with professional license verification, employment verification and education verification can take 2 to 4 days to complete.

What is included on the background check report?

This depends on the type of check you purchase. Each report includes the details of the checks you purchase and will clearly indicate if an issue was found in any of those checks.

Do you provide bulk discounts if I run multiple checks?

We sure do! We offer discounts when more than 10 employment checks are ordered and even bigger discounts when more than 50 are ordered. Even better, each background check that is run will be saved in your members dashboard so you can access them at anytime. Please contact us if you would like to benefit from our bulk discounts.